Meet the Team

Meet the Zurich Dalkey Book Festival Team

Sian  Smyth
Festival Director
Festival director, Sian Smyth, loves working with the experienced team of professionals she has gathered around her- from website designers to producers and venue managers to PR experts- who together make the festival such a success. Curating the programme is a joy and it is a thrill to see famous writers milling around Dalkey and bumping into their fans.
Niall  Meehan
Design partner
"When we set about designing the visual identity for Dalkey Book Festival back in 2010, and in the way we have evolved it every year since then, our task has not just been to help put bums on seats, but to create a visual identity that mirrors the personality of the festival. That this festival continues to flourish tells you something about that personality – people like it, a lot."
Aoife O'Brien
Web Designer
Aoife began designing and developing the festival website in 2013 for our ‘Winter Tales’ event and has stayed ever since. Although it’s a monumental project trying to get so many events and speakers in one coherent site she loves the challenge. You might also see her running between venues at the festival enjoying every minute.
Clare Ridge
Festival Producer
A freelance TV producer Clare has worked with the festival as producer for several years. For Clare the festival is a real labour of love. She swears that watching the festival grow bigger each year is a real joy, and the growing number of venues and increased running around also provides her with the perfect excuse for acquiring another new pair of runners!
Margie Lynch
Box Office
Margie is a lawyer who works in MediaLawyer solicitors. Her favourite time of year is working at the Zurich Dalkey Book Festival. She heads up the Box Office, ably assisted by Finn. Everyone teases her about cloning herself because she manages to be in so many different places at the same time.
Sara Macken
Festival Assistant
Sara has worked with the festival team since the beginning and can’t quite believe the wonderful people that come to Dalkey every year and make us smile, laugh but above all think. Who said work? It is more joy than work.
Patricia  Masetti-Nolan
Project Manager
Being a Project Manager and Stylist, I love to see things go from idea to reality. Preparing the venues to receive the speakers and creating a welcoming atmosphere for them fills me with joy and excitement. The Dalkey Book Festival is much more than books…come and see for yourself.
David  McWilliams
Festival Director
Sian makes great use of David’s extensive contact book and media savvy to secure many of the guests and get the newsprint and airtime so everyone is talking about the festival! Not to mention leveraging his twitter followers. David (mostly) doesn’t seem to mind.



The team is supported by a superb group of volunteers and the goodwill of many in the Dalkey community and the local businesses who have offered support and provided venues for the festival events.

Production Manager: Emma-Jane Dunne

Venue Managers: Maya Derrington, Katie Ridge and Sarah O’Doherty

Author Liaison: Christine McNally

Box Office assistant: Finn McLaughlin

as well as Fiona O’Doherty, Ian Robertson, Sarah Morleigh at the Secret Garden, Margaret Dunne and all the staff at Dalkey Castle, Marta Starosta and all at the Gutter Bookshop, John Hewitson and Dalkey Masonic Lodge, Dalkey Library, Ouzo, and Discover Dalkey.