67. The Politics of Poetry 

The Masonic Lodge

Is poetry political? Why do you think Northern Ireland has produced so many remarkable poets from Heaney to Muldoon, Longley to Laird? At a time of political conflict perhaps poets have a permission to say what others can’t say. Poetry is about identity, where you are from, the forces that make you and the politics around you. Indeed the poet often has licence to address issues that the novelist, journalist and cultural commentator tend to avoid.

In this intriguing session, Ireland’s finest political thinker, Olivia O’Leary, talks the poetic, personal and political with three outstanding poets from deeply divided societies: Palestine, India and Northern Ireland.

Olivia O’Leary in conversation with Tishani Doshi, Nathalie Handal and Nick Laird.

Price: €15.00