16. Has #MeToo gone too far or not far enough?

Seafront Marquee

Is this the most significant protest movement in the history of humanity? Are women finally speaking up? Or is there a danger  the pendulum has swung too far in the tricky, thorny and impossible to regulate area of sex, power and gender?

As each day brings fresh allegations against well -known (and sometimes well-loved) male celebrities, will there be a backlash? Is there any weight in the infamous “Deneuve letter” which  objected to  the culture of victimhood and the infantilising of women?

Has the culture of protest become too Americanised? Does this social media protest work for real women in less glamorous jobs? And is it all really about power?

To explore these questions, join Lionel Shriver, Jennifer O’Connell, Suki Kim and Dearbhail McDonald.

Price: €15.00