47. Crudo: Olivia Laing in conversation

The Masonic Lodge

Prize-winning writer Olivia Laing’s most recent book, The Lonely City, was published to remarkable critical acclaim, cementing her reputation as one of the most brilliant and original writers of contemporary non-fiction.

Crudo, Laing’s first move into fiction, is a brilliant, funny and emphatically raw account of love in the apocalypse.

Crudo charts in real time what it was like to live and love in the horrifying summer of 2017.From a Tuscan hotel for the super-rich to a Brexit-paralysed UK, as Trump is tweeting the world into nuclear war, the world is changing. Political, social and natural landscapes are all in peril. Fascism is on the rise, truth is dead and the planet is hotting up. Is it really worth learning to love when the end of the world is nigh? And how do you make art, let alone a life, when one rogue tweet could end it all?

With Sinéad Gleeson.

Price: €15.00