The World in 2025

St. Patrick's Church

2025 is not that far off. Six years in fact. Now think about the changes that have happened in the past six years? Back then Donald Trump was an estate agent and  reality TV star, frequently bankrupt, with a weakness for wives. Brexit was a glint in the eye of radical English nationalists.  ISIS had never been mentioned, Crimea was part of Ukraine and both Uber and Airbnb were fringe apps, hoping to survive. A border poll was never even spoken about.

Imagine the changes that are likely to be coming down the tracks in the next six years. The world is changing at such a pace, it’s hard to pin point the areas of your life that will be convulsed. But fear not: our panel will try to plot a future course and trace out the potential changes ahead, to give us all a sense of what the world will look like, geo-politically, economically and socially in the year 2025.

This event is proudly supported by The Financial Times Weekend.

Price: €20