Understanding Russia

Secret Garden

This year is the twentieth anniversary of Putin coming to power in Russia. While America and its President have become a laughing stock, Putin has reinvented Russia. It is taken seriously. He inherited a bankrupt, collapsing country, and in 20 years he has made it into a superpower again. Geo-politically – from Syria to Venezuela – all roads lead to Moscow.

But what about Russia itself? How much do we know about it, do we understand it and ultimately what does Russia want? As Putin bestrides the globe, as possibly the only true statesman left, don’t miss this deep dive in one of the world’s least understood countries.

With Zhanna O’Clery, Pinchas Landau, Gerry McCarthy, Gary Shteyngart and Bill Emmott.

This event is proudly supported by Brewin Dolphin.

Price: €20