Is the Novel More Important than ever?

17 June, 2017

Town Hall

At a time of division when there’s talk of building walls, putting up fences and securing borders, storytelling has probably never been more important. Can empathy help build bridges? And are stories better than statistics in getting people to change their perspectives?

Booker Prize winner, Marlon James is joined by the brilliant Elif Shafak and our own Donal Ryan to discuss how stories (including superstition, religion, and politics) explain the world to us . Through character and story, writers can express otherwise incommunicable feelings of the soul. The novel is the most complex and richest way of doing this and allowing us to understand, empathise and dream in a way nothing else can.

These three great novelists will talk about what truth means for a writer and whether the illusion of a story helps us better understand the human condition.

In conversation with Rick O’Shea.

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