Martina Devlin

Author & Journalist

Martina Devlin is a bestselling author and award-winning journalist. She has had nine books published. Her latest book is About Sisterland, and is set in the near future in a world ruled by women. Designed to be perfect, it all goes horribly wrong.

Other books range from The House Where It Happened, a ghost story inspired by Ireland’s only mass witchcraft trial in 1711, to Banksters, a co-authored account of the Irish banking collapse written with RTÉ’s David Murphy.


57. Unreasonable Women: the Equality War Goes On Sold Out

The Masonic Lodge

This year marks the 100 – year anniversary of women getting the vote in Ireland. Much has been achieved in terms of gender equality, but women are still fighting on many of the same issues and women are still a minority in government today. How important was and is female activism in effecting change and, […]