Andrea Catherwood


Andrea Catherwood is an award-winning television and radio presenter and former foreign correspondent. She’s worked for some of the world’s best-known broadcasters primarily ITN, BBC, Bloomberg and NBC. Today, she presents regularly on BBC Radio 4 across a broad range of programmes including The Media Show, Last Word, Saturday Live, You and Yours and Woman’s Hour, as well as documentaries.


Who’s Afraid of a United Ireland?

St. Patrick's Church

The most significant long-term ramification of Brexit will be a United Ireland. Demographics point to a catholic/nationalist majority in the next decade, while the majority in the North want to stay in Europe. Middle ground Unionism, seeing the writing on the wall, may now vouch to remain in Europe, via a New Ireland. The vast […]


Countess Markievicz: Flamboyant aristocrat or committed revolutionary?

The Heritage Centre

This most complicated and unusual revolutionary has captured the imagination of Irish historians for decades. But who actually was she? How did the girl presented to Queen Victoria as a debutante, become one of the leading players in the 1916 rising? She was the first Irish female minister, Minister for Labour in the first Sinn […]