Carlo Pizzati

Author & Journalist

Carlo Pizzati is a Swiss-born fiction and non-fiction writer and an award-winning journalist who has published two novels, three non-fiction books and a collection of short stories. He lives with his wife near a fishermen’s village in India where he writes about Asia for the Italian national daily La Stampa and cultural essays and editorials for the Indian national daily The Hindu. He teaches communication theory at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai and he’s also developing a project with his teenage son to produce affordable football shoes for Indian girls.

Carlo is a seasoned journalist who has worked for over sixteen years for the Italian national daily newspaper La Repubblica, corresponding from New York, Rome, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Madrid. He’s covered the Northern Ireland strife, guerrilla war in Colombia, the narcos business in the Andes, illegal immigrant smuggling in Mexico, civil rights battles in Chile, pro-environment militancy in the French atoll of Mururoa, and the GMO battle in Europe and the US.



Kashmir: The Most Dangerous Place in The World?

The Town Hall

Think of the country, divided by two religions, partitioned in the first half of the 20th century by an arbitrary border drawn by departing Englishmen after centuries of colonialization. The larger part was agricultural, the smaller part more urban. The border has been a constant source of conflict and due to an election in one […]


India, Upside Down: The Billionaire Raj and the Mapillai

The Town Hall

Money, sex, avarice and Bollywood, today’s India is a far cry from the country of Mahatma Gandhi. It is an economic and political powerhouse, nuclear armed and ready to take on the world. It will soon be the most populous country on earth, overtaking China and at the very top of the food chain is […]


Young, Woke & Socialist? Are Young People Lurching to the Left?

Secret Garden

100 years after Lenin predicted the World Revolution at the 1919 inaugural meeting of the Communist International, could his prophesy become true, albeit a century late? All over the world, the young are swinging to the Left. In the US, the home of tooth and claw capitalism, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is leading the charge, and dragging […]


Artificial Intelligence

St. Patrick's Church

What happens when our computers get smarter than we are? We are in the process of building superhuman machines, terrifyingly intelligent robots. If we just keep going, we will continue to improve these intelligent machines, and we will eventually build general intelligence into our machines. We will build machines that are much, much smarter than […]