Carlo Pizzati

Author & Journalist

Carlo Pizzati is fiction and non-fiction writer and an award-winning journalist. His novels deal with the concept of a sense of history and belonging juxtaposed with transformation through travel and experience. His short stories explore identity and the relationship between rational, scientific thought with irrational insight. His first non-fiction book tackles the dialogue between spirituality and technology in a journey to the end of the world to cure a chronic back ache. His second one is a collection of three conversations on the crisis of globalism, the ruling elites and the rise of ultra-nationalism. He writes about culture and politics for La Stampa and lectures in universities across different continents on communication theory topics, investigating how digitalisation of information affects the way we absorb knowledge and also multicultural communication. His latest book “Edge of an Era” throws lights on where we are in geopolitics and where we are going, but also explores what it means to be a nationalist and a globalist, what it feels to “become a European” and see that identity under threat among the global influences of thinkers and philosophers in the transformation of the world.


66. Insurgents: Reporting from the Frontline

Seafront Marquee

They represent journalism at its most exciting, influential, but also lethal. We have gathered in Dalkey a panel of five remarkable  journalists who have reported from the frontline in Syria, Myanmar, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Latin America, Northern Ireland, and covering a wide spectrum of issues from repression in North Korea, to brutal Islamist terrorism. They […]


38. Social Media or Social Menace? Facebook, freedom and your future

St. Patrick's Church

In 1984 Orwell created the terrifying Big Brother who spied on enemies; today our dystopia is that we are spying on each other. We are all spies and we are all working for Facebook. Is Facebook the enemy? Is secretive online profiling and selling data to influence elections just the tip of the iceberg? Where […]


8. Poison, Politics and Putin; Russia and the new Cold War Sold Out

Secret Garden

Russia is back and it means business. 30 years after the fall of the Wall, the Kremlin is the only power in the Middle East, Putin is the world’s only serious leader, Russia’s gas keeps Europe warm in winter and Dublin handles billions of euros of Russian money. What does Russia really want, at what cost […]