Claire Adam


Claire Adam was born and raised in Trinidad. She studied physics at Brown University and later took an M.A in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she gained a distinction. Her debut novel is Golden Child. Set in Trinidad, it follows the lives of a family as they navigate the impossible choices about scarcity loyalty and love. Golden Child is the second acquisition by Sarah Jessica Parker for her imprint SJP for Hogarthin the US. In the UK she is published by Faber.


Dystopia in Paradise: The Dark Side of the Caribbean

Secret Garden

White sands, turquoise beaches, pina coladas, herb, reggae and chill, this is the image of the Caribbean that marketers have perfected, but the reality of the Caribbean is far from that ideal. The legacy of slavery, grinding poverty and colonial oppression have framed the Caribbean. Today those same beautiful islands are home to violent gangs, […]