Dean Strang


Dean Strang is a Wisconsin attorney and a partner at StrangBradley, LLC. Strang has taught at both the University of Wisconsin Law School and Marquette Law School. Strang became a well-known figure since the beginning of December of 2015, after the release of the Netflix documentary, Making A Murderer. The hugely successful documentary follows the Steven Avery murder case, who Strang signed on to defend in 2006. Strang will have “A Conversation on Justice” about Avery’s case and the criminal justice system at large.


Making A Murderer

The Heritage Centre

Making a Murderer captured the attention of millions of viewers globally. The extraordinary story of convicted murderer Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey has now taken a new turn with Avery winning his appeal to present new evidence that may overturn the original verdict. Apart from being the specific story of a murderer, an […]