Diarmaid Ferriter

Historian, Broadcaster & Professor

Diarmaid Ferriter is a historian, broadcaster and university professor. One of Ireland’s most renowned historians, he has written eleven books on Irish history.  In 2007, Ferriter wrote the critically acclaimed biography, Judging Dev, which won in three categories of the 2008 Irish Book Awards. His most recent book, The Border, was published this year. With Brexit, the backstop and the fate of the border uncertain, this book is a timely intervention into one of the most contentious political issues of our time.


Who’s Afraid of a United Ireland?

St. Patrick's Church

The most significant long-term ramification of Brexit will be a United Ireland. Demographics point to a catholic/nationalist majority in the next decade, while the majority in the North want to stay in Europe. Middle ground Unionism, seeing the writing on the wall, may now vouch to remain in Europe, via a New Ireland. The vast […]


Why History Matters

Secret Garden

This year it was announced that history would be removed from our school Junior Cert curriculum as a compulsory subject. For many this is a travesty, for others it is the march of progress and part of an essential shift towards science, maths and technology. But what about the expression “those who don’t know their […]