Eoin McNamee


Eoin McNamee’s novels include Resurrection Man, later made into a film, and perhaps the seminal novel about the Troubles and contemporary Ulster .The Blue Tango was nominated for the Booker Prize. His novel Orchid Blue was described by John Burnside in The Guardian as ‘not only a political novel of the highest order but also that rare phenomenon, a genuinely tragic work of art’. The third part of the Blue Trilogy, Blue Is the Night, was published in 2014 and was the 2015 Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year. His latest novel, The Vogue, is published by Faber.


Who’s Afraid of a United Ireland?

St. Patrick's Church

The most significant long-term ramification of Brexit will be a United Ireland. Demographics point to a catholic/nationalist majority in the next decade, while the majority in the North want to stay in Europe. Middle ground Unionism, seeing the writing on the wall, may now vouch to remain in Europe, via a New Ireland. The vast […]


Northern Noir

The Heritage Centre

F**k Brexit! There is something far more compelling going on up the road. The success of Anna Burns’ Milkman has again, and not before time, focussed attention of the burgeoning brilliance of new Northern Irish literature. What’s going on up around Belfast, where is all the talent coming from and what else will be achieved […]