Francesco Grillo

Academic & Columnist

Francesco Grillo has been Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute and Academic Visitor at St. Antony’s College (University of Oxford), as well as Advisor to the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. Currently, he is Associate at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa and teaches and at the University of International Business Economics in Beijing. Managing Director of Vision and Value, the management consulting firm, advising strategies to major institutions (including the European Commission and Italian Ministry of Economy) and multinationals. He is also columnist for Corriere della Sera.


From Good to Great: How To Make a Brilliant 21st Century Education System. Buy tickets at FESTIVAL HUB

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In a world where information is limitless, where memory is being made redundant by Google, where the jobs of the future are not even invented yet, education and the ability to analyze, discern and make a relevant contribution is more important than ever. But how do we create an education system that gets the best […]


China Unwrapped

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“China will not back down.” This was the direct message to Donald Trump from the Politburo. China is assertive and confident. Thirty years almost to the day that troops opened fire on students in Tiananmen Square, China is the world’s coming power, economically, politically and possibly militarily. Tiananmen defined China and set it off on […]