Gerry Foley

Broadcast Journalist

Gerry Foley has been a broadcast journalist for more than 35 years. After graduating from Trinity in 1982, he joined RTE as a reporter on their primetime current affairs programme, ‘Today Tonight’. At the end of 1984, he moved to Belfast as the Ireland Correspondent for the UK’s  leading breakfast  station, TV-am. Over the next 4 years, he covered not only the ongoing ‘Troubles’ but the first signs of political progress through the Anglo Irish Agreement. In 1988, Gerry was appointed as the chief political correspondent for TV-am, at Westminster. In the mid 90’s he became the Political Editor for ITV Regions. During his years in Londonr, he travelled with ,and interviewed, every Prime Minister from the late Baroness Thatcher to David Cameron.On returning home in 2015, Gerry worked for UTV Ireland as their Western Correspondent, based in Galway. Since last year he has been working as a reporter with TV3 in Dublin.Gerry is a highly experienced chair at  various book festivals and is delighted to be making his Dalkey debut.


15. Plastic Oceans & The Big Gig! The Riptide Movement & friends

St. Patrick's Church

Nothing is more precious or fragile than our environment and right now our seas are under severe threat from plastic. What can we do about it? Sophie Darlington (David Attenborough’s cinematographer), Cara Augustenborg (environmental scientist), Victor Mallet (FT journalist and author of Ganges River of Life, River of Death) and Gerry Foley ( broadcast journalist with […]