James Ryan

Professor & Author

Professor James Ryan is the director of both the undergraduate and postgraduate Creative writing courses in UCD. Ryan studied Education at Trinity College, his focus the development of creativity in the context of formal education. He then taught in NUIG before joining UCD in 2006. His novels include Home from England; Dismantling Mr Doyle Seeds of Doubt and South of the Border Dublin, He was shortlisted for the Bath Short Story Prize and is the winner of the Fantasy Book Review 2011 Short Story Prize.


Creativity – where does it come from?

Seafront Marquee

If creativity is the mental capacity to generate new and interesting ideas, where does it come from? For the artists, is it a eureka moment of inspiration or the culminating of year of work, honing the craft until ultimately something unique emerges. Is it age related? Do we go through a purple patch like some musicians […]