Jana Bakunina


Jana Bakunina is a Russian-born Londoner, whose memoir “Bird’s Milk”, tells a story of a personal journey that turned a Russian into a Westerner.

Jana Bakunina is the author of Bird’s Milk, a memoir about Russia that tells a story of a personal journey that turned a Russian into a Westerner.She also writes a blog Life Tonic about life skills, entrepreneurship and personal development.  Jana grew up in Russia before moving to Britain to study Economics & Management at Oxford. She worked in the City and in TV advising companies on mergers and acquisitions. Most recently, Jana has been advising funds and individuals on investments in fast-growing, technology-enabled companies.


68. Brexit: What does Germany really want?

The Town Hall

Brexit has obscured the real issue in Europe, which is what does Germany really want? After the second World War, Germany did not have the permission to say publically what it wants. But that is changing. Where Germany goes, Europe will go – and Ireland, shorn of one of its major allies in Europe, the […]


38. Social Media or Social Menace? Facebook, freedom and your future

St. Patrick's Church

In 1984 Orwell created the terrifying Big Brother who spied on enemies; today our dystopia is that we are spying on each other. We are all spies and we are all working for Facebook. Is Facebook the enemy? Is secretive online profiling and selling data to influence elections just the tip of the iceberg? Where […]


8. Poison, Politics and Putin; Russia and the new Cold War Sold Out

Secret Garden

Russia is back and it means business. 30 years after the fall of the Wall, the Kremlin is the only power in the Middle East, Putin is the world’s only serious leader, Russia’s gas keeps Europe warm in winter and Dublin handles billions of euros of Russian money. What does Russia really want, at what cost […]