Jennifer O’Connell


Jennifer O’Connell writes a weekly column every Wednesday in the Life pages of the Irish Times. She has a biweekly slot on the Ray D’arcy show on Today FM and regularly contributes to programmes on Newstalk, RTÉ Radio and RTÉ TV. In the past she has worked for other national media titles as an editor, features editor and columnist. She has also had stints as a television news reporter and documentary maker.


56. The Power and the Story: Fake News, Journalism & the Loss of Trust

Seafront Marquee

Join our brilliant panel of journalists, to examine the state of journalism in the modern post-truth age. Who owns the news? Who can we believe? Is the “citizen journalist” the biggest threat to truth? What about the role of Facebook and Twitter in social movements such as #Me Too, the Arab Springs, the election of […]


34. The Power of the Short Story: Chris Power and Jennifer O’Connell Sold Out

The Magpie Inn

Since 2007, Chris Power has been writing “A brief survey of the short story” in The Guardian. After a decade examining in forensic detail the strengths and weaknesses of so many practitioners of the short form, what happens when you turn your hand to it yourself? He has – justly – been compared to Alice […]


46. Sex Trafficking in Ireland: Lisa Harding

The Heritage Centre

These girls are all over the country in every town. We think sex trafficking is something that goes on in Thailand and Vietnam, but it’s here on our doorstep. Lisa Harding’s devastating debut novel, Harvesting,  explores the world of trafficked women and girls here in Ireland. She talks to Jennifer O’Connell of The Irish Times.   […]


16. Has #MeToo gone too far or not far enough?

Seafront Marquee

Is this the most significant protest movement in the history of humanity? Are women finally speaking up? Or is there a danger  the pendulum has swung too far in the tricky, thorny and impossible to regulate area of sex, power and gender? As each day brings fresh allegations against well -known (and sometimes well-loved) male […]