Keelin Shanley

Presenter, Newsreader & Journalist

Keelin Shanley is a presenter, newsreader and journalist who works for RTÉ. Keelin attended Trinity College Dublin and studied biochemistry before switching to journalism. In addition to working on a number of shows on RTÉ, she has also worked for the CNN team and the Radio France International team. Keelin has presented national elections and special budgets as part of the crew on Crimecall, Morning Edition. She currently presents the RTÉ Six One News.


Notes to Self: Emilie Pine

Secret Garden

Notes to Self has quite simply reinvented not just Irish, but all autobiographical work. A series of six deeply personal interlocking essays, you won’t want to put it down. Achingly honest, this book is shockingly raw and yet is the most exquisitely precise prose we have read in many years. It has blown the critics […]