Mark Little

Journalist & Entrepreneur

Mark Little is CEO and co-founder of Kinzen, an Irish start-up that wants to give every individual control of their daily news routine. Mark spent 20 years in broadcast journalism, as an RTE foreign correspondent and presenter of current affairs show Prime Time. In 2010, he founded the world’s first social news agency Storyful, which was sold to News Corp. He was Twitter’s VP of media partnerships in Europe and the MD of its International Headquarters in Dublin. Mark is the author of three books about US and world affairs, he lives in Dalkey.


Fake news: Democracy Hacked?

Seafront Marquee

What is the role of trust in the modern media landscape? Should politicians be more accountable for fake news? Is the world becoming a better place or is fear replacing fact? Why do we no longer trust facts and experts? How has feeling/ emotions reshaped our world? Join this international panel to tease out some […]


Surveillance Capitalism: Is Big Tech Big Brother?

Secret Garden

Surveillance capitalism is all about trawling everything you do online, every time your phone beeps, every time you update your calendar, every time you search, you are being watched. Then your data is re-packaged into predictions about what you are about to do next and sold to people who want to sell you something! This […]