Mehreen Khan


Mehreen Khan is a Financial Times reporter with fastFT in London. She writes about finance and economics and was previously a business reporter at The Telegraph

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24. Iran, America and Upheaval in the Muslim World

St. Patrick's Church

What is going to happen now that the US has in effect declared war on Iran? How will the Muslim world react? With the hopes of an Arab Spring destroyed, what comes next? With central Europe turning virulently anti-Islamic, can we live together or will there be a clash of civilisations? Join former Tehran correspondent […]


41. Brexit: England’s Nervous Breakdown

Seafront Marquee

Do we really understand the English? What happened to the England we thought we knew? Are they losing it? Are the normally implacable, stiff-upper-lip English having a collective nervous breakdown? If so, why? And where will this leave them and us? Let’s talk about England. It’s not just their rugby team that looks out of […]


5. Four Megatrends that Will Change the World Sold Out

Secret Garden

10 years ago Facebook barely existed, the iPhone had just been launched, Russia was in the G8, Donald Trump was a failing reality TV host and AngloIrish bank was voted the best bank in Europe. How things change! We identify the mega trends that will change our world from economics to populism, technology, migration and […]