Michael Vatikiotis

Armed Conflict Mediator & Writer

Michael Vatikiotis has worked for the Bangkok Post and for the BBC World Service, and was the Editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review. He is now a private diplomat/peace negotiator working as Director, Asia, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue. Michael, who contributes regularly to the media, has written books including Indonesian Politics under Suharto, Political Change in Southeast Asia: Trimming the Banyan Tree, Debatable Land: Stories from Southeast Asia, The Spice Garden, The Painter of Lost Souls and, most recently, the highly acclaimed Blood & Silk: Power and Conflict in Modern Southeast Asia.


66. Insurgents: Reporting from the Frontline

Seafront Marquee

They represent journalism at its most exciting, influential, but also lethal. We have gathered in Dalkey a panel of five remarkable  journalists who have reported from the frontline in Syria, Myanmar, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Latin America, Northern Ireland, and covering a wide spectrum of issues from repression in North Korea, to brutal Islamist terrorism. They […]


32. South East Asia: the most dangerous place in the world? Sold Out

The Masonic Lodge

There is more to South East Asia then all night raves in Thailand, Yoga retreats in Bali or the massive economic power of the region. 600 million people live in this highly diverse and increasingly fragile region. That’s bigger than Europe.  Awarding winning journalist Michael Vatikiotis – who speaks five Asian languages and has been […]


41. Brexit: England’s Nervous Breakdown

Seafront Marquee

Do we really understand the English? What happened to the England we thought we knew? Are they losing it? Are the normally implacable, stiff-upper-lip English having a collective nervous breakdown? If so, why? And where will this leave them and us? Let’s talk about England. It’s not just their rugby team that looks out of […]


9. When China Rules the World Sold Out

The Town Hall

It is only a matter of time, but very soon China will rule the world, if it wants to. What will that world look like? Will America cede top dog position peacefully? As the world’s axis shifts ever eastwards, what does this mean for us? With Michael Vatikiotis, Victor Mallet and David McWilliams. Price: €15.00