Neil Jordan

Director & Screenwriter

Neil Jordan is one of Ireland’s most well known directors. In 1982 he won acclaim for his first feature film, Angel, a drama that starred Stephen Rea, who later appeared in a number of Jordan’s films. The director continued to earn praise for such films as The Company of Wolves (1984) and Mona Lisa (1986). The Crying Game (1992), a psychological thriller based on one of his own short stories, brought him international renown and an Academy Award for best original screenplay. Its success provided Jordan the opportunity to direct Interview with the Vampire (1994), a big-budget adaptation of Anne Rice’s popular novel. He subsequently wrote and directed Michael Collins (1996), a biopic of the Irish independence leader (played by Liam Neeson); The Butcher Boy (1998), a dark comedy about a troubled young boy; and The End of the Affair (1999), based on the Graham Greene novel.

In addition to his film credits, Jordan also created the television series The Borgias (2011–13) and wrote and directed several of its episodes. Jordan’s fiction writing included the short-story collection Night in Tunisia (1976) and the novels The Past (1980), Sunrise with Sea Monster (1994), Shade (2004), Mistaken (2011), and The Drowned Detective (2016).


13. Page to Screen: Movie- makers Talk Books

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Settle in! This is a treat for movie and book lovers. Join four giants of the screen, stage and page.  Two outstanding directors, Lenny Abrahamson and Neil Jordan, with author of the international bestseller The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Junger and our finest living playwright Conor McPherson talk books and movies with Nadine O’Regan. Price: €20.00