Nelofer Pazira

Filmmaker, Journalist & Human Rights Activist

Nelofer Pazira is an award-winning Afghan-Canadian filmmaker, journalist and human rights activist. A former president of PEN Canada, and founder of Dyana Afghan Women’s Fund, she is a regular contributor to European, Canadian and other international media. Nelofer has traveled widely in the Middle East, covering the Arab revolutions, and has spent many months in Syria writing and broadcasting on the civil war. She won a Canadian literary award for her biographical work A Bed of Red Flowers: In search of my Afghanistan.


66. Insurgents: Reporting from the Frontline

Seafront Marquee

They represent journalism at its most exciting, influential, but also lethal. We have gathered in Dalkey a panel of five remarkable  journalists who have reported from the frontline in Syria, Myanmar, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Latin America, Northern Ireland, and covering a wide spectrum of issues from repression in North Korea, to brutal Islamist terrorism. They […]


24. Iran, America and Upheaval in the Muslim World

St. Patrick's Church

What is going to happen now that the US has in effect declared war on Iran? How will the Muslim world react? With the hopes of an Arab Spring destroyed, what comes next? With central Europe turning virulently anti-Islamic, can we live together or will there be a clash of civilisations? Join former Tehran correspondent […]