Nick Laird

Author & Poet

Born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in 1975, Nick Laird was educated at Cookstown High School and Cambridge University. He worked as a lawyer for several years before leaving law to write full-time. The recipient of many prizes for his poetry and fiction, including the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature, the Ireland Chair of Poetry Award, the Betty Trask Prize, a Somerset Maugham award, and the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, he has lived in London, Warsaw, and Rome. He is currently an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York.


55. Why Tribes Matter (Sebastian Junger & Nick Laird) Sold Out


In this globalised world, do you sometimes feel a little bit lost, without a sense of place? You are not alone. This is a very common feeling, it’s almost a yearning to belong somewhere. Loyalty, belonging and the eternal human quest for meaning are big themes we all grapple with. In his latest book, Tribe, […]


67. The Politics of Poetry 

The Masonic Lodge

Is poetry political? Why do you think Northern Ireland has produced so many remarkable poets from Heaney to Muldoon, Longley to Laird? At a time of political conflict perhaps poets have a permission to say what others can’t say. Poetry is about identity, where you are from, the forces that make you and the politics […]