Norman Ohler


Norman Ohler is a New York Times bestselling author, novelist and screenwriter, best known for his book Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, which has been published in over 25 languages.


60. Blitzed! Drugs in Nazi Germany: Norman Ohler (with Patrick Freyne)

Seafront Marquee

Was Hitler a “super-junkie”? In his bestselling book, Norman Ohler argues that Hitler’s vegetarianism and image as a teetotaller were part of propaganda to create an impression of a saintly person concerned only about his country. In fact, Hitler was a drug fiend, addicted to methamphetamine, which became central to military life in Germany. Addiction […]


68. Brexit: What does Germany really want?

The Town Hall

Brexit has obscured the real issue in Europe, which is what does Germany really want? After the second World War, Germany did not have the permission to say publically what it wants. But that is changing. Where Germany goes, Europe will go – and Ireland, shorn of one of its major allies in Europe, the […]