Olivia O’Leary

Journalist & Broadcaster

A familiar face on our screens and voice on our radio and in our newspapers over the last thirty years, we know Olivia O’Leary from RTÉ’s Prime Time and its predecessor Today Tonight, from the BBC’s Newsnight and from BBC Radio 4’s Between Ourselves. Her broadcasting career is interlaced with her journalistic career with The Irish Times and The Sunday Tribune. Most recently she was back on RTÉ with Later with O’Leary and on radio with In My Life and her slot on Five-Seven Live.


58. Poetry Now : Marie Heaney with Olivia O’Leary

Secret Garden

All Through the Night edited by Marie Heaney is a collection of moving and evocative night poems for all stages of life. Lullabies and other poems relating to children and parenting form the opening section, while later poems celebrate or give voice to our various night-time pleasures and preoccupations. The elegiac poems towards the end of […]


67. The Politics of Poetry 

The Masonic Lodge

Is poetry political? Why do you think Northern Ireland has produced so many remarkable poets from Heaney to Muldoon, Longley to Laird? At a time of political conflict perhaps poets have a permission to say what others can’t say. Poetry is about identity, where you are from, the forces that make you and the politics […]