Pamela Druckerman

Author & Journalist

Pamela Druckerman is the author of four books including There Are No Grown-Ups: A Midlife Coming-of-Age Story and Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting, which has been translated into 28 languages. Pamela is also a Contributing Opinion Writer for The New York Times, where she writes about France, cross-cultural issues and daily life. Pamela’s op-eds, articles and reviews have appeared in the The Atlantic, Harper’s, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair France, Madame Figaro, The Washington Post, The Guardian, the Financial Times, The Times (UK), The Sunday Times (U.K.), New York Magazine and many other publications. Pamela won a 2016 Emmy for The Forge, which was a 16 minute New York Times documentary.


Bloomsday Special: The Jewish Novel

St. Patrick's Church

James Joyce, the ultimate modernist, made Ireland’s most famous literary character, Leopold Bloom, Jewish, thus making Ireland’s most famous novel, if not a Jewish novel, one with at the very least a distinctly Dublin Jewish flavour. Is there such a thing as the Jewish novel? The Jewish diaspora have carved out a unique identity for […]


It Must Be My Hormones

The Masonic Lodge

The best-selling author of BRINGING UP BÉBÉ investigates life in her forties, and wonders whether her mind will ever catch up with her face. When Pamela Druckerman, an American in Paris, turns 40, waiters start calling her “Madame,” and she detects a disturbing new message in men’s gazes: I would sleep with her, but only […]


Trump’s America: Four more years?

Seafront Marquee

For the media he is the gift that keeps giving, for others he is an American hero and for many more he is a terrifying narcissist in the most powerful position in the world. Later this year he will be on the campaign trail. Can he win and if he does what will become of […]