Patrick Freyne


Patrick Freyne is a feature writer with The Irish Times and regularly appears on The Last Word on Today FM discussing television. He formerly wrote columns about television and radio for the Sunday Tribune and the Evening Herald and business articles for Business & Finance. He was named best critic at the NewsBrands Ireland Journalism awards in 2017, for the second year in a row


60. Blitzed! Drugs in Nazi Germany: Norman Ohler (with Patrick Freyne)

Seafront Marquee

Was Hitler a “super-junkie”? In his bestselling book, Norman Ohler argues that Hitler’s vegetarianism and image as a teetotaller were part of propaganda to create an impression of a saintly person concerned only about his country. In fact, Hitler was a drug fiend, addicted to methamphetamine, which became central to military life in Germany. Addiction […]


65. That Sh*t Will Never Sell: The Real Story Behind Bailey’s Irish Cream Sold Out

The Heritage Centre

How does advertising get inside your head? You think you know your own mind, but do you? Might someone know you better? David Gluckman explains all. He spent over 40 years in a dream job, creating drinks, mostly alcoholic ones. Everyone knows Bailey’s Irish Cream. Hear about how it began, where the idea came from, […]