Pilita Clark

Environment Correspondent

Pilita Clark has been the Financial Times’ environment correspondent since 2011. She was previously aerospace correspondent and deputy news editor on the main news desk at the Financial Times, and deputy editor of the FT Magazine.

In her current role, Clark covers all environmental issues, from climate change to wildlife and renewable energy. Before joining the FT in 2003 as a commissioning editor on the FT Magazine, Clark was a senior writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, where she was a political reporter in Washington DC and Canberra. She was also managing editor of The Eye news magazine in Sydney, and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.


The World in 2025

St. Patrick's Church

2025 is not that far off. Six years in fact. Now think about the changes that have happened in the past six years? Back then Donald Trump was an estate agent and  reality TV star, frequently bankrupt, with a weakness for wives. Brexit was a glint in the eye of radical English nationalists.  ISIS had […]


Artificial Intelligence

St. Patrick's Church

What happens when our computers get smarter than we are? We are in the process of building superhuman machines, terrifyingly intelligent robots. If we just keep going, we will continue to improve these intelligent machines, and we will eventually build general intelligence into our machines. We will build machines that are much, much smarter than […]