Pinchas Landau

Journalist & Financial Analyst

Born and educated in London, Pinchas Landau has been living in Israel since 1976 and is one of the country’s leading independent analysts and commentators on Israeli economic and financial affairs. Prior to establishing an independent consultancy in 1997, he was for many years one of Israel’s most prominent financial journalists. Today, his original and insightful analyses on global developments, especially on the spreading economic and financial crisis, are available in written reports, as lectures and presentations and via private consultations. In 1996, Pinchas launched The Landau Report, a newsletter and consultancy service addressing the needs of foreign firms and financial institutions active in Israel and the Middle East. Its unique format examines the trends underlying all the key areas of relevance to people and institutions with investments or business in Israel, including Regional Developments, Domestic Politics, Macro-Economics, Corporate Affairs, and Financial Markets.


56. The Power and the Story: Fake News, Journalism & the Loss of Trust

Seafront Marquee

Join our brilliant panel of journalists, to examine the state of journalism in the modern post-truth age. Who owns the news? Who can we believe? Is the “citizen journalist” the biggest threat to truth? What about the role of Facebook and Twitter in social movements such as #Me Too, the Arab Springs, the election of […]


68. Brexit: What does Germany really want?

The Town Hall

Brexit has obscured the real issue in Europe, which is what does Germany really want? After the second World War, Germany did not have the permission to say publically what it wants. But that is changing. Where Germany goes, Europe will go – and Ireland, shorn of one of its major allies in Europe, the […]


8. Poison, Politics and Putin; Russia and the new Cold War Sold Out

Secret Garden

Russia is back and it means business. 30 years after the fall of the Wall, the Kremlin is the only power in the Middle East, Putin is the world’s only serious leader, Russia’s gas keeps Europe warm in winter and Dublin handles billions of euros of Russian money. What does Russia really want, at what cost […]


5. Four Megatrends that Will Change the World Sold Out

Secret Garden

10 years ago Facebook barely existed, the iPhone had just been launched, Russia was in the G8, Donald Trump was a failing reality TV host and AngloIrish bank was voted the best bank in Europe. How things change! We identify the mega trends that will change our world from economics to populism, technology, migration and […]