Pinchas Landau

Journalist & Financial Analyst

Born and educated in London, Pinchas Landau has been living in Israel since 1976 and is one of the country’s leading independent analysts and commentators on Israeli economic and financial affairs. Prior to establishing an independent consultancy in 1997, he was for many years one of Israel’s most prominent financial journalists. Today, his original and insightful analyses on global developments, especially on the spreading economic and financial crises, are available in written reports, as lectures and presentations and via private consultations. In 1996, Pinchas launched The Landau Report, a newsletter and consultancy service addressing the needs of foreign firms and financial institutions active in Israel and the Middle East. Its unique format examines the trends underlying all the key areas of relevance to people and institutions with investments or business in Israel, including Regional Developments, Domestic Politics, Macro-Economics, Corporate Affairs, and Financial Markets.


New Cold War: The Era of Democratic Despots?

Seafront Marquee

The US is now in a trade war with China. India and Pakistan are squaring off in Kashmir. In Syria and Yemen a proxy war is being fought between Iran, backed by Russia and China, and Saudi Arabia, backed by America. Meanwhile in Africa, China is out-spending the USA to gain future influence. In Venezuela, […]


China Unwrapped

St. Patrick's Church

In June 1989, a Chinese man, carrying his shopping, stood in front of a column of People’s Liberation Army tanks in Tiananmen Square, defiant. Tank Man became the symbol of resistance and his action was the culmination of weeks of clashes between the government and pro-democracy protestors. Then the soldiers moved in and within hours […]


When Britain Breaks Up

Secret Garden

Is the British project, kicked off 400 odd years ago by Henry 8th, over? It spanned the globe at its height but is now a deeply divided entity, undermined – perhaps fatally – by English nationalism. In the next decade, as a result of Brexit, it is highly likely that Britain will break up. Will […]


Understanding Russia

Secret Garden

This year is the twentieth anniversary of Putin coming to power in Russia. While America and its President have become a laughing stock, Putin has reinvented Russia. It is taken seriously. He inherited a bankrupt, collapsing country, and in 20 years he has made it into a superpower again. Geo-politically – from Syria to Venezuela […]