PJ Gallagher

Comedian & Actor

PJ Gallagher is one of Ireland’s best-loved comedians. He currently co-hosts PJ & Damian In The Morning with Damian Farrelly on Classic Hits 4FM and can be seen in the massively successful television series The Young Offenders on RTÉ and BBC as Principal Walsh.

He is most widely known for the huge success of many characters in the hilarious and sometimes outrageous hit TV show Naked Camera, alongside his DVD of the same name, which received triple platinum sales. In 2008 he took his alter ego Jake Stevens to the US to film a new series called Makin’ Jake. Additionally in 2011, he returned with another sketch show, Meet Your Neighbours, which was also produced into a DVD.

With countless television appearances, he has become one of Ireland’s most recognized comedians. With appearances on The Late Late Show, The Miriam O Callaghan Show and Tubridy Tonight, as well as hosting The Great Big Surprise Birthday Party for RTÉ in 2012, PJ Gallagher’s Stage Fright documentary (RTÉ, 2015) and a hidden camera show called Trojan Donkey for Channel 4 in 2013. PJ Gallagher is a Vicar Street regular and has appeared at the Cat Laughs Festival in Kilkenny and Electric Picnic.


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