Richard Flanagan


Born in Tasmania in 1961, Richard Flanagan is widely considered “the finest Australian novelist of his generation.” His novels Death of a River GuideThe Sound of One Hand ClappingGould’s Book of FishThe Unknown TerroristWanting and The Narrow Road to the Deep North have received numerous honours and are published in 42 countries. He won the Man Booker Prize for The Narrow Road to the Deep North in 2014.


Creativity – where does it come from?

Seafront Marquee

If creativity is the mental capacity to generate new and interesting ideas, where does it come from? For the artists, is it a eureka moment of inspiration or the culminating of year of work, honing the craft until ultimately something unique emerges. Is it age related? Do we go through a purple patch like some musicians […]


The Geography of Thought

Secret Garden

Globalization suggests that we humans are all internationalists, who think similarly and are only cosmetically affected by geography. But is this true? How does geography influence thought and ideas? Do people from different cultures think differently? How much of “home” is there in great art and great creativity? Is there a distinct European, Asia, American, […]


The Art of Storytelling Sold Out

The Heritage Centre

This event has changed venue from St. Patrick’s Church to The Heritage Centre. We all love a great story, not just for the joy it brings, but from the memories it leaves behind and the emotions it triggers in all of us. But what makes a story great?  What makes someone a good storyteller? Storytelling […]


The Personal is Political. Two Man Booker Prize Winners, who also happen to be captivating talkers, reveal how deep personal experience and their world view informs their writing. From climate change to slavery, from homophobia to corruption, from colonialisation to war and brutality, you can expect a light to be shone on the human condition. […]