Simon Kuper


Simon Kuper joined the Financial Times in 1994. He wrote the daily currencies column, before leaving the FT in 1998. He returned in 2002 as a sports columnist and has been there ever since. Nowadays he writes a general column for the Weekend FT on all manner of topics from politics to books, and on cities including London, Paris, Johannesburg and Miami


Surveillance Capitalism: Is Big Tech Big Brother?

Secret Garden

Surveillance capitalism is all about trawling everything you do online, every time your phone beeps, every time you update your calendar, every time you search, you are being watched. Then your data is re-packaged into predictions about what you are about to do next and sold to people who want to sell you something! This […]


Macron: the most important man in Europe?

St. Patrick's Church

From the gilets jaunes to their dapper President’s stance of Europe, from wine and couture, to art, literature and cinema, not to mention football, France is a world leader. This extraordinary country is stylish, self-confident, dogged and unbowed, and critically France presents a different way of living, thinking and creating. It is a counterbalance on […]


The World in 2025

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2025 is not that far off. Six years in fact. Now think about the changes that have happened in the past six years? Back then Donald Trump was an estate agent and  reality TV star, frequently bankrupt, with a weakness for wives. Brexit was a glint in the eye of radical English nationalists.  ISIS had […]