Sunil Khilnani


Sunil Khilnani is author of The Idea of India, published in a 20th anniversary edition by FSG in 2017, and Incarnations: A History of India in Fifty Lives (2017) which was also a 50-part podcast and radio series broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and World Service. He is Director of the India Institute, King’s College London, and Visiting professor at Princeton University.


11. The Retreat of the West: is democracy defeating itself? Sold Out

Secret Garden

Democracy is on the rocks. Populism is on the march. Democracy isĀ eating itself from within, throwing up all sorts of extremists and populists. It is also losing ground, losing credibility and more significantly not providing stability. In France, Germany and Italy, populist parties are attracting millions of votes. Britain looks ungovernable and America is ruled […]