Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Author & Broadcaster

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a mechanical engineer, award-winning social advocate, author, and broadcaster. A Sudanese-born Muslim woman, she was named the 2015 Queensland Young Australian of the Year and released her memoir, Yassmin’s Story, a year later at the age of 24.  Yassmin advocates for the empowerment of youth, women and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  She founded the non-for-profit Youth Without Borders at age 16. Outside advocacy, she works as an engineer on offshore gas rigs and is an internationally accredited F1 journalist.


57. Unreasonable Women: the Equality War Goes On Sold Out

The Masonic Lodge

This year marks the 100 – year anniversary of women getting the vote in Ireland. Much has been achieved in terms of gender equality, but women are still fighting on many of the same issues and women are still a minority in government today. How important was and is female activism in effecting change and, […]


38. Social Media or Social Menace? Facebook, freedom and your future

St. Patrick's Church

In 1984 Orwell created the terrifying Big Brother who spied on enemies; today our dystopia is that we are spying on each other. We are all spies and we are all working for Facebook. Is Facebook the enemy? Is secretive online profiling and selling data to influence elections just the tip of the iceberg? Where […]