Zhanna O’Clery

Consultant, The Atlantic Philanthropies

Zhanna O’Clery is currently a consultant with the Atlantic Philanthropies and has worked in a variety of settings. From 2006 to 2019 she was Associate Director of Development at Trinity College Dublin. Prior to this, Zhanna worked in New York as the first head of development of the Swiss-based International Baccalaureate Organization, in China as director of development and admissions at the Western Academy of Beijing, and in Washington DC as consultant at the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group).
Zhanna completed her Ph.D. in Moscow Pedagogical University.
She was recently involved in the establishment of the first international school in Armenia, and is on the boards of Life2Good Foundation and Research Motor Neurone.
An Armenian and a native of the former Soviet Union, Zhanna resides in Dublin with her husband, the writer and journalist Conor O’Clery.


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