How To Fix Ireland’s Housing Crisis

​How do we fix the housing crisis? If we don’t do this, Ireland will fail -it’s that’s simple. Can we build enough homes? Is the problem economic, social or cultural? Dereliction, a blight on our cities and towns, is a form of vandalism perpetrated by property-owners. In a housing crisis, how do we preserve our beautiful towns and cities, as they literally crumble before our eyes?The housing mess bankrupted Ireland 15 years ago. Are we about to do it again? And will the younger generation ever forgive those who support the status quo? Time to get serious.
With Lorraine D'Arcy, Eric Lonergan, Rob Curley, Frank O'Connor, Jude Sherry and Patrick Freyne

17 Jun 2022 – 20:00 @ Dalkey Town Hall How To Fix Ireland’s Housing Crisis

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Event Category: Economics

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