Podcast: The American West With Myles Dungan


Myles Dungan took centre stage in The Heritage Centre to share a small portion of his vast knowledge on both the history of the American West and 19th century Ireland, telling us how the two worlds collided when many Irish crossed the seas to become part of a new nation’s future.



In this year when so much of our energy is focused on celebrating 1916 and the history of the Irish in Ireland, there is another parallel, brilliant – even outrageous – and just as important story in Irish history: the history of Irish people outside Ireland. With so many people on the move worldwide, it’s never been more crucial to understand our own migratory history, in order to understand the plight of others.

Myles Dungan crosses the Atlantic to tell the story of Irish emigrants to the US – from cannibals and prostitutes to soldiers and frontiersmen – in How the Irish Won the West.

But many immigrants looked to the West for a better life. Many who went west – though they failed to get the Hollywood treatment afforded to Billy the Kid – led more colourful lives.