Dalkey Literary Awards - 20th June 2020
Dalkey Literary Awards - 20th June 2020

Podcast: A Turk and A Greek Walk Into A Bar

Right now Greece and Turkey are the two most important countries in Europe and the Balkan corridor is Europe’s most crucial thoroughfare. With a shared history going back millennia, Greece and Aegean Turkey are the cradle of European civilization and the key region in Europe’s future.

Thousands of desperate migrants are arriving on the beaches every day and isn’t it ironic that Germany, the country that for so long looked down on Greece and Turkey, is now depending on the Turks’ and the Greeks’ cooperation to manage the influx of refugees all of whom want to get to Germany but the rest of Europe won’t let them?

Elif Shafak and Yanis Varoufakis, in conversation with Colm O’ Mongain, discuss today’s migrant and refugee crisis, the response from Turkey, Greece and the rest of Europe.

For more insight into today’s conversation, read this post by Roisin, our on-location blogger:

A Turk and a Greek walk into a bar: Elif and Yanis in conversation




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