13-16 June 2024

16 Jun 2024
Heritage Centre

Jan Carson: Quickly, While They Still have Horses

Winner of the EU Prize for Literature in 2019 for her bestselling novel, The Raptures, Jan Carson is back in Dalkey with her latest publication, Quickly, While They Still Have Horses, a collection which introduces us to worlds and characters that feel real enough to touch. All of life is here: from the thrill of growing up to the grief when youth is over; first love, mature love, parenthood and loss – all shot through with profound compassion, warm wit, and boundless imagination. A distracted couple on a beach fail to notice their baby crawl perilously towards the sea, a rumour spreads at a public swimming pool and chaos ensues, a dishevelled father loses his two sons in an adventure park. Every so often, an irresistible suggestion of the other world will surprise and delight, reaffirming Carson as a thrillingly original and audacious talent. 

Jan Carson with Olivia Fitzsimons