13-16 June 2024

15 Jun 2024
Town Hall

My Fourth Time We Drowned: Sally Hayden

Winner of the Irish Book of the Year, the Orwell Prize and Shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize 2022, Sally Hayden’s My Fourth Time, We Drowned is a masterpiece. It is a staggering investigation into the migrant crisis across North Africa. This book follows the shocking experiences of refugees seeking sanctuary, but it also surveys the bigger picture: the negligence of NGOs and corruption within the United Nations, the economics of the twenty-first-century slave trade and the EU’s bankrolling of Libyan militias. By 2070, four out of every ten people on earth will be African and the European southern border will be Africans’ entry point to this continent. The issue isn’t going away – what we do now will have ramifications for generations. Don’t miss this tenacious and brave journalist. 

Sally Hayden with Gary Jermyn