13-16 June 2024

17 Jun 2023
Dalkey Church, Castle St.

SOLD OUT: Searching for America: David Brooks in conversation

Most read columnist in The New York Times, regarded as the most influential commentator in the United States, David Brooks explains America in turmoil. What drives this country? Why do Americans think the way they do and where is this likely to lead the globe in this tumultuous era? This wide-ranging interview will cover religion, politics, morality, ethics, and culture. In a society that is riven by fragmentation, hostility, and misperception, Brooks observes that all around us are people who feel invisible and misunderstood. Drawing from psychology and neuroscience, he offers a possible remedy. The act of seeing another person, Brooks argues, is a profoundly creative act: how can we look somebody in the eye and see something large in them, and in turn, see something larger in ourselves?