13-16 June 2024

Andrea Catherwood


Andrea Catherwood recently hosted the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement at Queen’s University, Belfast. An award winning journalist, she is a broadcaster and documentary maker for BBC Radio 4 presenting the weekly review programme, Feedback. Andrea’s latest documentary asks how Ireland really feels about the prospect of reunification. Are we looking at A New Ireland or A Nation Once Again? Andrea interviewed leading thinkers to find out what price the Irish Republic would be  prepared to pay for reunification. She has also explored the nature of Ulster Unionism in the centenary of the formation of N Ireland in ‘A Sea Between Us’. As a foreign correspondent for ITN Andrea covered the wars in Aghanistan and Iraq amongst others and was based in Hong Kong for 5 years.
Does the Irish Republic want reunification? And A Sea Between Us are available on BBC Sounds.

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