13-16 June 2024

Dylan Moran



Dylan Moran is a comedian, actor and writer who in 1996 won the Perrier Award, at the Edinburgh Fringe. Black Books, the Channel 4 hit sitcom that he co-wrote and starred-in, won him two BAFTAs, and he has since won numerous prizes and accolades for his television work and live-shows.

Moran merges two strands of stand-up: sharp observational humor, and surreal and fantastical language-based absurdity.  Moran’s comedy is characterized by a use of  language involving surreal associative leaps between  observations and fantasies, verbally painting bizarre and absurd worlds, often through a use of highly poetic, James Joyce-style stream-of-consciousness narration.

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15 Jun 2023

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16 Jun 2023
Saint Patrick's Church

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17 Jun 2023
Seafront Marquee