13-16 June 2024

Kevin Gildea

Kevin Gildea is a comedian, writer, award winning playwright, interviewer, sometime TV presence, Irish Times book reviewer and potential novelist. As a TV art’s reporter...
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Terence Ward

Terence Ward is a writer, documentary producer, and cross-cultural consultant on the Middle East. For 25 years, he has advised companies, foundations and governments. Born...
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Naoise Nunn

Naoise is co-director of Schweppe Curtis Nunn, a company which creates and produces festivals and events, including Brightening Air for the Arts Council and the...
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Alice Sherwood

Alice Sherwood is the author of the award-winning Authenticity: Reclaiming Reality in a Counterfeit Culture (HarperCollins 2022), which argues that although our counterfeit culture is...
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Pat Leahy

Pat Leahy is Political Editor of The Irish Times. His books include The Price of Power: Inside Ireland’s Crisis Coalition and Showtime: The Inside Story...
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