13-16 June 2024

My Family and Other Rockstars

My Family and Other Rock Stars is a wonderfully warm memoir about Tiffany Murray’s extraordinary childhood growing up in the 1970s at the legendary Rockfield Studios, rubbing shoulders with rock n’ roll legends. Tiff’s mother was the resident Cordon Bleu chef for Rockfield and while her mother was convincing Black Sabbath to try eating fish and getting Lemmy from Motorhead to eat anything (he’d only drink Jack Daniels) – Rockfield was Tiff’s playground, where she roamed free and snuck into recording studios where legends like Queen were recording some of their biggest hits. This is a warm, nostalgic and truly wonderful memoir – it’s about music, food and family, and includes Tiff’s mother Joan’s brilliant recipes – think  70s’ nostalgic food, including pike quenelles and jellies. A tonic of nostalgia, both for those who lived during this period and those who wish they did. With Horslips legends Barry Devlin and Jim Lockhart. 

Tiffany Murray, Barry Devlin and Jim Lockhart