13-16 June 2024

Barry Devlin


Barry Devlin – whose series My Mother And Other Strangers ran a while back on BBC1’s Sunday night slot – has written extensively for film, TV and radio: from TV series like Darling Buds of May and mini series like Soul Survivors and Runway One to feature films like All Things Bright And Beautiful and A Man Of No Importance, the film the BBC chose to celebrate Albert Finney’s life and career (and which Le Canard Enchaine described as ‘a film of great importance’). His connection with music is central: from his day job as vocalist and bass player with Irish Celtic Rock legends Horslips, through musicals like The Bloody Irish which ran on PBS in 1916, right up to his many videos for U2 (I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Pride, Bad, etc) it has been the power of song that has had his full attention. He is quietly chuffed at having officially been made a Legend with the eponymous NI award and is looking forward hugely to revisiting the genesis of the band’s third album Dancehall Sweethearts with his chum Jim Lockhart and the grown up Tiff….

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My Family and Other Rockstars

15 Jun 2024
The Vico